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Crocodile Kisses

the debut album . October 29th

“The lovechild of Fiona Apple and Tom Waits”

- Mogg Blog

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The Music

"Mone manages to combine vulnerability with strength in a glorious way. Her album is sure to be a highlight of the year."

- Podcart

‘Crocodile Kisses’, Mone’s debut album, offers listeners an intimate invitation into the diary of an intoxicatingly beautiful relationship. Leaving no dark corners un-traversed, Mone carries us, with raw, and terrifying beauty through the ecstasy, to the basements, to the gutter, out to the lake, through the war and the peace, the sweetness and the pain, to finally come home to rest, holding both the beauty, and the terror of love’s ‘Battlecry’.  A “lovechild” of her influences Tom Waits and Fiona Apple, Mone commands herself into authenticity with a strikingly unique voice that plays with sounds and soars through her range with, at times, honey like ease and others, dirty grit. Crocodile Kisses excavates a vast underground universe, ranging from the Nina Simone-like poised melancholy of ‘Big Brown Bear’ to the guttural urgency of ‘Rat’, filled with smoke, glitter, cartoon characters, blood, dirt and gentle sweet whispers that seem to move the marrow in one’s bones; a dark-toned kaleidoscope of fragments and lucid impressions culminating in a master-ride of depth and rawness. ‘Crocodile Kisses’ is an unapologetic and powerful debut album from a bold, unique and craftful artist.

"Mone's vocal aesthetic with unsteady melodies and almost otherworldly brittle sounds is at once beautifully and perfectly odd."

- American Pancake

The Artist

"Moody, gritty and dark in its tone, Mone brings us these qualities with a rare sense of charm."

- Indie Top 39


Mone is raw, bold and honest. Her thought-evoking subjects – muses, lost loves, power struggles, morality and sex – convalesce in a deeply primal self-expression. Having built a rare and genuine live following after arriving in Berlin, she swiftly got signed to The Famous Gold Watch Records, the hub for Berlin’s underground scene, and has been working on her debut album Crocodile Kisses.

The Artbook

"Remember the name Mone, she’ll quickly become the new face of avant-garde."

Mogg Blog

Filled with her photos, handwritten lyrics, sketches, diary-fragments and her own sketches, 'Crocodile Kisses - the artbook' is the perfect coat for the bare and raw music, bringing an extra dimension of intimacy to the album and completing Mone as the artist she is, living and breathing art. A preview of some pages:

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