Crocodile Kisses

Mone's debut album

The Music

‘Crocodile Kisses’, Mone’s debut album excavates a dark, underground universe filled with smoke, glitter, cartoon characters, blood, dirt and gentle sweet whispers that move the marrow in one’s bones. A “lovechild” of her influences; Tom Waits and Fiona Apple, Mone commands herself into authenticity with a strikingly unique voice and powerful production that offers listeners an invitation into the intoxicatingly intimate diary of her affairs with love, in all its beauty and terror.

The Artbook

Filled with her photos, handwritten lyrics, sketches, diary-fragments and her own sketches, 'Crocodile Kisses - the artbook' is the perfect coat for the bare and raw music, bringing an extra dimension of intimacy to the album and completing Mone as the artist she is, living and breathing art. 

a few pages of the artbook

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