Label: The Famous Gold Watch Records
Management & PR: Thomas Robrahn
Phone: +31 642531280


Genre: dark folk meets art pop

Short bio: Sweet and vicious honesty. Mone provokes and soothes in the same breath both on stage and on record. The Berlin-based multidisciplinary artists will release her debut album and artbook ‘Crocodile Kisses’ in late 2020.

Long bio: Gut-wrenching and mesmerising performances drenched in authenticity, Mone provokes and soothes in the same breath both on stage and on record.

Mone’s subjects – muses, lost loves, power struggles, morality and sex – convalesce in a deeply primal self-expression. Having built a rare and genuine live following after arriving in Berlin from the Netherlands, there’s a staggering honesty, range and command in her live performances, one that induces a spellbound state, locking eyes with her audience and carrying them along in a flare of cutting but darkly tantalising melody.

Mone’s repertoire is driven on an often damning examination of the self that dances between the sweetness, innocence and the vicious torment of our inner beings: an anthology on love and longing, both at odds and wholly together in the same step, in a dance, and at war. 

Mone arrived permanently on the Dark Folk scene in Berlin in 2019 after returning to the Netherlands to complete Art School, and was swiftly signed by new label The Famous Gold Watch Records, founded by Universal producer-composer Cameron James Laing. 

Mone is currently recording her debut album, ‘Crocodile Kisses’ at the label’s eponymous studio, a beautifully restored 1930s speakeasy/Victorian Britain-inspired complex set in the basement of a former Stasi spy station and munitions factory: the hub of Berlin’s underground scene. The album is due for release in late 2020.


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On 'Rat'

“[T]he new single feels like the lovechild of Fiona Apple and Tom Waits. (...) Remember the name Mone, she’ll quickly become the new face of avant-garde. (...) Set to release her debut album later this year, this is an artist if you’re interested in music without boundaries.” - Mogg Blog 

“From the very first second, 'Rat' stirs something dark and guttural from the dust of alleyways. It's urgent, with primordial energy and introspection, driven by a snowballing piano. ” - Raw Meat 

“Moody, gritty and dark in its tone, ‘Rat’ brings us these qualities with a rare sense of charm. ” - Indie Top 39

“Mone delivered a jaw-dropping performance with her latest single titled ‘Rat’, produced by Cameron James Laing and Gidon Carmel. The new single is the second single off the upcoming album and highlights everything we’ve come to love about Mone. If you’re looking for something unique and interesting, Mone never disappoints. ” - Keep Walking

“[A] portal into the madness of Mone" - YabYum

On 'Crocodile Kisses'


“Crocodile Kisses’ is a dark and sensual ballad, the kind of song that is equally beautiful and brutal when professed with the degree of honesty she does.” - Berlin in Stereo

From the Strait interview

"Eine talentierte junge Singer/Songwriterin, auf deren Debüt man gespannt sein darf." - Der Kultur Blog

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