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The Kisses of the Crocodile
Just as sweet as they are vile
Her tale curls tight around you while
Her lips part for a toothy smile


Join me on my search for raw expression, explorations of the sweet and vicious sides of the self and the creation of my debut album Crocodile Kisses and the accompanying artbook, to be released in Fall 2020. 

Patreon is an amazing platform that allows people that believe in an artist to support them financially. This ranges from buying them a cup of coffee a month to providing half of the month's rent - or a day at the studio - or just making a one time donation.
Like Baron Gottfried van Swieten for Mozart or Sam Wagstaff for Robert Mapplethrope.

In the last years album sales have dropped drastically. Though streaming services and social media are an amazing promotion tool and it is easier than ever to reach new audiences without being signed to a big label, money made from streaming is only about 0,0055 - 0,0078 euros per play (and this amount still has to be divided between all parties such as labels, co-writers and musicians). Similarly, social media demand an incredibly high amount of professional artistic content such as photos, videos and new songs to be released almost every day, all for free.

As a small independent artist this means live-concerts and platforms like Patreon are pretty much the only way to make a living of music (as well as making the money to go into the studio, hire musicians, photographers, videographers, rent a rehearsal space and create merchandise). This is not easy, despite how amazing it is to be a musician. The support I've gotten from fans and friends until now, however, has been absolutely amazing and has enabled me to go into the studio to record my debut album, hire some incredible musicians and producers like Felix Buchner, Gidon Carmel, Fabrizio Tentoni and Cameron James Laing. With this Patreon page I would love to enable continuation of this support. 

As a Patreon, you will have exclusive access to unreleased songs, demos, drawings and photos to give you an insight into my creative process and musician's life, as well as all my official releases before anyone else.

Join me on this crazy, beautiful adventure.

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