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Mone is a singer-songwriter who provokes and soothes in the same breath. She's been called the lovechild of Fiona Apple and Tom Waits for her raw, emotional songs and unique vocal sound. Rooted in folk music but influenced by many artists, from Nina Simone and Leonard Cohen to The Dresden Dolls and Kate Bush, Mone fuses more traditional genres with the firm confidence of avant-garde music.


Mone’s subjects – muses, lost loves, power struggles, morality and sex – convalesce in a deeply primal self-expression. There’s a staggering honesty, range and command in her live performances, one that induces a spellbound state, locking eyes with her audience and carrying them along in a flare of cutting but darkly tantalising melody.


Mone released their sophomore album 'Darling, Thief' in October 2023 and has been touring through Europe with her band.

Based in Berlin . Label The Famous Gold Watch Records


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