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Darling, Thief

the sophomore album . 2023

“The lovechild of Fiona Apple and Tom Waits”

- Mogg Blog

The Music

Mone’s sophomore LP, ‘Darling Thief’, is a powerful, lo-fi monument of her authenticity. As frighteningly intimate and raw as Adrienne Lenker with the power and prowess of Björk, ‘Darling Thief’ oozes with a soft and comforting, dark sensuality and asserts Mone as a thirsted for maverick of her genre. The thirteen-track, Alt/Indie album, features washes of vintage soundscapes, plenty of guitar scratches and tape hiss, vocal layers, and Cohen-esque lyricism, creating a blisteringly unique piece of art.

Mone’s vulnerable and playful vocals come all the way close to you,  as she teeters between gentle and ruggard. In ‘Darling Thief’, you can ‘Taste the Danger’ and never can be sure if her voice will caress you, or slap you in the face, as it maneuvers through songs of fluid-time and storytelling, and others  with a deep and danceable groove. The lyrics dance between smoke-like poetic-metaphor and vulnerable, explicit nakedness, laid atop a delectable lo-fi, deeply intricate, rich and warm production that bursts with character and even features, at times, cooking-utensil percussion and layers of quirky background commentary, and at others, deep and sacral, warped sub frequencies.

Aside from the sounds of ‘Darling Thief’, painter and filmmaker, Mone, offers us a disturbingly enticing visual world. Reminiscent of Peter Birkhauser and Egon Shiels, the album's accompanying artbook will feature analogue photography by Aurélie Raidron with colors of red capturing the naked body in almost unrecognizable forms, alongside sketches, lyrics and other visuals, further establishing her ‘Darling, Thief’ as a cross-medium monument of authentic talent.

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