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Terrible Broadway Play


You and me

Kissing on the street

You screamed:  

"If loving you is a crime

Then I plead guilty"

It was like a  terrible broadway play


And I laughed so hard

It’s the same one I love now

It’s the same one I care for

It’s the same one I held then

So I raise my glass to the tumble

See today

I am just coming home late

And I screamed at you the other day


Like a terrible broadway play


You’re telling me

To hold on with everything I have 

Only to feel it slip away

And stand dazed and empty handed

Music Credits

Written by Merle Lisabeth Sibbel . Produced by Cameron James Laing and Gidon Carmel

Vocals & e-guitar Merle  Lisabeth Sibbel . Bass Felix Buchner . Drums Gidon Carmel

Additional e-guitar Phil Walker . Synthesizer Fabrizio Tentoni

Sound and orchestra designs Cameron James Laing 

Recorded & mixed by Cameron James Laing at The Famous Gold Watch Studios 

Mastered by Pete Maher 

Video Credits

Fruit Salat film

Concept by Merle Sibbel . Cinematography by Mark Hunt

Post-production by Mark Hunt & Merle Sibbel 

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